Ryan Ryan is a true newb in home brewing but got infected by the brewing virus. He loves IPA's and Rusian Imperial Stouts.

Mango Unchained - A Spicy Mango IPA

Mango Unchained - A Spicy Mango IPA

This is a first brew using a new kettle for a spicy mango IPA. This recipy is collected from the Hobbybrouwen forum and created by Ramon from Milky Road Brewery. It is an IPA using 5 different hops including fresh mango and Madame Jeanette peppers. This beer won the first price at the ONK (Open Dutch Championships amateur beer brewing) back in 2019, described as well balanced bitterness with sweet with a nice bite of the peppers.

To scale the recipy to the 10 liters BrewFather is used.


Description Value
Name recipy Mango Unchained
Style American IPA
Alchol 7.7%
Batch Volume 10 L
Boil Time 75 min
Mash Water 15.8 L
Sparge Water 2.74 L
Total Water 18.54 L
Boil Volume 15.21 L
Pre-Boil Gravity 1.054 SG
Original Gravity 1.072 SG
Final Gravity 1.013 SG
Bitter 63 IBU (Tinseth)
Color 26 EBC


The following ingredients are used. Please note, all links to the various ingredients are stores located in the Netherlands.

Amount Type Vendor Name Property
3.5 kg Malt BrewFarm Gerstemout Pale 9 EBC
400 g Malt BrewFarm Gerstemout Münchener 15 EBC
200 g Malt BrewFarm Gerstemout Cara-120 120 EBC
25 g Hops   Northern Brewer pellets
29 g Hops   Simcoe pellets
21 g Hops   Amarillo pellets
11 g Hops   Cascade pellets
18 g Hops   Citra leafs
10 g Yeast Fermentis Safale US-05  
1 kg Fruit   Mango  
2 x Pepers   Madame Jeanette  

A small mistake was made in when ordering the hops so I recieved Amarillo leafs instead of pellets.

The Brew

It’s brew day! Excited to get started, and the first step is to crush the malts.


Mash profile

The following mash schema is used:

Phase Temperature Time Ramp Time
Beta-amylase 62°C 20 min 0 min
Alpha-amylase 72°C 30 min 15 min
Mash-out 78°C 5 min 10 min

As this is the first time using the new kettle, I’m not 100% sure how to ensure control the ramp time. So in this case I decided to ensure the temperature is reached, and at that point start the timer.



The following boiling schema is used:

Amount Type Name Time
25 g Hops Northern Brewer 75 min
2 Peppers Madame Jeanette 15 min (60 min*)
1 kg Fruits Mango 15 min (60 min*)
13 g Hops Simcoe 10 min
14 g Hops Amarillo 5 min
5 g Hops Simcoe 5 min
9 g Hops Citra 0 min (Flameout)

* My first brew I used a 60 min, which should have been 15 min, oops. See note below.

There are multiple methods to add the mango, but in this case, I have decided to include them in the boil because of the following reason. I really want to use fresh mangos, but when adding them in the dry hopping phase you need to cook them to avoid any infections caused by the bacteria. To reduce this risk, I decided to include it in the boil.

Now in this case I used the whole mango including the skin. Make sure to wash them thoroughly before adding them.


Now my gravity came a bit higher than expected, which is 1.080 SG instead of the 1.072 SG. This might be caused by the mango, but I’m 100% sure. If I’m correct, this will boost the alcohol to 8.9% instead of 7.7%. This is of course fully dependent on the fermentation process. Now I have decided the hour based on a Youtube video, but I did notice (a bit too late) Ramon has usually added both peppers and mango for 15 min.

Dry hop

The following dry hopping schema is used:

Amount Type Name Days
11 g Hops Cascade Day 10
11 g Hops Simcoe Day 10
9 g Hops Citra Day 10
7 g Hops Amarillo Day 10


The fementation is on 20°C for 14 days.


To get the carbonation the secondary fermentation on the bottle method is used. A 7 gram a liter of regular crystal sugar is added.



This recipy is also avaiable on BrewFather.

Note for my self, next time, ensure to use the hop bags or a hopping basket because the filter was clogged up. This is also needed for the mango.


Final gravity is a bit higher than expected, 1021 SG, which makes the final alcohol percentage 7.7%, which is exactly as the recipe described. There was a clear taste of hops in combination with spicy flavors, which makes me very curious about the final result!


The color is great, very bright orange but a little bit on the dark side with a nice foamy head. Overall I’m very happy, it is definitely fruity and you can smell the mango but I did find it hard to taste the mango. There is a nice spicy feeling to it, makes you a bit warm inside, and is not overruling. It is on the edge, so next time I would use a bit fewer peppers to reduce the spicy bite.


Untappd check-in.

I did experience some white flakes in the beer, probably caused by leftovers of the hops or egg whites from the malt. So next time I need to ensure to filter better.